• Afghan-Beats-for-Korg-Keyboards

Afghan Beats for Korg Keyboards

This is set of 50 styles, a combination of Indiana and Afghani styles (Beats)

Creating Tabla beats with a Korg musical keyboard is an excellent way to add depth and complexity to your Indian, Pakistani, or Aghan music performances.

In Korg keyboards, you can import a WAV file of Tabla Loops and then you will need to adjust it on a particular tempo, Now slicing is the most important step to sample your loops to behave as a rhythm and then be able to change the tempo according to your singing requirement. After you have completed creating the drum section of, you can also add a bassline, pads, chords, and any accompaniments to your beat, Now this beat can be used just like the pre-made beats you have in your Korg. has done all this work for you, now you only need to download this set of rhythms and load it into your Korg keyboard, choose your favorite style of the list of this set, adjust the tempo you want, use standard chords, start singing an Indian song, Pakistani song or an Afghani song.

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