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We make original songs for singers - New Lyrics New composition

We make original songs for singers - New Lyrics New composition
What is original music? This means an entirely new composition of lyrics that combines with musical pieces and elements in such a way that has never been made before. Please note when a new composition uses the same scale that another existing song already uses, both songs may sound somewhat similar to each other in some places. however, a new song surely has many differences and uniqueness to be original.

  • Our songwriters can write a new song for you according to your choice of the given title/ topic, we compose it for you or you can send your own poetry or composition and rough demo vocal and we will create the complete music track for you which will be ready to record your final vocals at your end.
  • After you have recorded the final vocals, send us vocal WAV files and we will tune up your vocals, do the perfect vocal treatment, editing, vocal modeling, and process necessary effects then mix and master your audio track at commercial industry levels.
  • Now, you are ready to release your song worldwide, we can release/ publish your song worldwide on up to 30 world's biggest music stores including, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,  Deezer, etc...

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