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What is original music? This means an entirely new composition of lyrics that combines with musical pieces and elements in such a way that has never been made before. Please note when a new composition uses the same scale that another existing song already uses, both songs may sound somewhat similar to each other in some places. however, a new song surely has many differences and uniqueness to be original.

  • Our songwriters can write a new song for you according to your choice of the given title/ topic, we compose it for you or you can send your own poetry or composition and rough demo vocal and we will create the complete music track for you which will be ready to record your final vocals at your end.
  • After you have recorded the final vocals, send us vocal WAV files and we will tune up your vocals, do the perfect vocal treatment, editing, vocal modeling, and process necessary effects then mix and master your audio track at commercial industry levels.
  • Now, you are ready to release your song worldwide, we can release/ publish your song worldwide on up to 30 world's biggest music stores including, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,  Deezer, etc...

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Order Your Own Song - Customized

Bollywood Urdu New Song Composers in India and Pakistan Where Music finds its Perfect Harmony, we meet up best your original music requirements.

In a world where music has its own language which every nation can understand, there's one company that stands out in producing inspiring music, embracing the power of melody and transforming it into a captivating symphony of sound and generates the vibes of music that your heart wants to deliver out to the world., a renowned and one of the best music production companies in the world has been enchanting listeners and creating exceptional compositions and music arrangements for singers across all genres.

With a deep passion for music and an unwavering commitment to artistic excellence, produces unique and original songs and this platform has become a haven for singers around the globe. Whether it's Ballad, Hip Hop, Bollywood style song, or any other genre, professional musicians and music arrangers have the expertise and creativity to compose remarkable tunes that resonate with both singers and audiences.

At our studio, the journey begins with a collaboration between exceptional musicians, experienced producers, and visionary lyricists. Our team of professionals possesses a deep understanding of musical intricacies, coupled with expertise to grasp the essence of an artist's vision. This synergy allows us to craft compositions that complement a singer's vocal cords and capture their artistic ability.

An original song composition in today's music industry makes you stand out from the crowd which is essential to be a superstar. With this in mind, our dedicated team of music composers works closely with each artist to arrange music for songs that reflect their unique style, personality, and niche.

The journey of creating a new song for you at would be a great experience for you to introduce your own new song in the market. It starts with extensive brainstorming sessions and in-depth discussions, where the artist can tell us the topic of the song, our songwriter will write lyrics accordingly, our song composer will compose a new song and our professional music arranger will make a music track of the song. The team dives deep into understanding the desired emotions, lyrical themes, and musical influences, ensuring that the final composition embodies the artist's vision.

Once the main theme of the new song is laid, the composers at spring into action, from catchy hooks to infectious beats, every element is carefully orchestrated to create a trendy and engaging musical experience. also happily accepts the vocal recording remotely that you record at your end and send a dry vocal wav file to us via email. Our sound engineer and music director sit together to pitch correct your vocals working on every single note you sang and your vocals will be fully tuned and will be in the proper scale like a professional singer. We first get your vocals fully ready to be mixed and mastered. with years of experience fully understands that music is not just about creating beautiful sounds in the scale you want; it's about evoking emotions, connecting with audiences, and leaving a lasting impact by creating vocal harmonies and applying necessary effects according to the requirement of your own new song. We also go the extra mile to provide additional services like arranging live instrumentals, especially Tabla, Dholak, Flute, and violin, etc…Their comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the artist's musical journey is well cared for. is not just a music production company; it's a haven for artists and a catalyst for their musical dreams and makes it possible to have your own new song ready to be marketed worldwide. Our commitment to quality, artistic vision, and personalized attention has made us a trusted name in the industry. So, whether you're a singer searching for the perfect new song or a music enthusiast yearning for soul-stirring compositions, is where the magic happens and your search end, and dreams come true.

Step into a world where music finds its perfect harmony, and let compose the new song melody that help you to become a popular artist.

Global Music Distribution: Making Your Song Accessible Everywhere

In the age of digital music, singers must target a global audience. With numerous platforms and streaming services available, it can be overwhelming to connect with many different world's top stores which release your song worldwide, the process of distributing music to multiple platforms can be time-consuming and confusing for independent artists or those unfamiliar with the industry's intricacies. However, we provide services and platforms that specialize in assisting musicians in achieving worldwide distribution and successful marketing strategies to reach a broader audience.

Services that specialize in global music distribution alleviate these challenges. By partnering with such platforms, artists can conveniently distribute their songs to major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and many others. These platforms streamline the distribution, ensuring that your music is accessible to a worldwide audience across various devices.

Customized Marketing Strategies: Amplify Your Reach

Distribution of your music alone is not sufficient to achieve success in today's competitive music industry, music is not a hobby anymore, it’s like a business with high competition. Artists need effective marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd and engage with their target audience. Online tailored marketing campaigns play a crucial role in increasing the visibility of your own new song.

Creating compelling promotional campaigns for music marketing is a must to stand out. These strategies and multiple tactics such as social media advertising, influencer partnerships, email marketing, and playlist placements ensure your music reaches the right audience.

Sync Licensing and Placement: Opportunities Beyond Streaming

Apart from streaming platforms throwing great exposure in music consumption, there are other avenues that can further expand your original composition reach. Sync licensing and placement in films, TV shows, commercials, and video games can provide extensive reach to new audiences and generate additional revenue which you may need to spend on your next music video production.

Services specializing in sync licensing connect artists with music supervisors and industry professionals actively seeking tracks for their projects. Featuring your new Bollywood Hindi or Urdu song composition in popular media enhances your visibility and credibility as an artist.


Navigating the vast world of music distribution and marketing can be daunting, especially for independent artists. However, specialized services offered by our studio and music production company have emerged to cater to the needs of musicians, helping them distribute their music globally and create impactful marketing campaigns. These highly effective services streamline the music distribution process globally, amplify artists' reach, explore sync licensing opportunities, provide valuable insights into audience behavior, and boost your own new song worldwide.

By leveraging these services, artists can focus on what they do best—vocal performance—while leaving the intricacies of distribution and marketing strategies to our professional team. So, if you're a singer looking to take your music to the next level and unleash your true potential, partnering with music distribution and marketing services can be a game-changer, uplifting your career to new heights and connecting your songs with listeners worldwide.

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