How can I download my Karaoke files

1- Login to your account on the website

2- Click on "My Account" on the top of the page

3- Click "Downloads"

I can't find my VIDEO Karaoke Files download link, why?

Some VIDEO Karaoke files are not ready yet, we synchronize the lyrics and generate the VIDEO karaoke Mp4 files for you after you purchase, this process sometime takes from few hours upto a few days, but we always try to update the download links asap.

What payment options do we offer?

We accept payments through

1- All major debit/ credit cards through 2CO

2- PayPal

Customized Music
Can I order a karaoke track which we haven't made yet?

Yes, we can sequence a karaoke track of any song you like with our extremely professional musicians team. We take 2-4 days to complete an order. You can send us a YouTube link of the song as reference or email us an mp3 files. Click HERE to order a customized karaoke. You will get two download links of your order;

1- Mp3 file

2- Mp4 (VIDEO Karaoke file with scrolling lyrics)

I want to get music arrangements for my own album song

Sure, we specialize in doing music arrangements and sequencing a music track for your own album song of genre. If you have already composed your song, just sent us your roughly recorded composition Asthai and Antras and we will create a brand new trendy music track of your song. We work on Logic Pro X and Cubase 9 in our production studio.

If you want us to write lyrics and make complete  song for you, we offer following services.

Song writing, Composition, Musical Arrangements, Sequencing music track, Editing, Vocal Recording, Vocal tuning & treatments and vocal modeling, Mixing and Mastering. Send us an email for more details.

Yamaha Tabla Styles
Why I can hear music melodies in Yamaha Tabla Styles?

Yamaha Tabla styles we create are only beats/ rhythms/ style files without any music melodies of song words. When you play a demo of a Yamaha Tabla Style on the website, you hear song words melodies in it which we play only to demonstrate the beat/ style just to show you how would it sound when you play these melodies with our style. When you purchase and download the style files, you won;t hear these melodies in it. However, we also make these styles with Intro and Interlude music pieces on demand.

General Questions
More Detailed Questions/ Answers coming soon!

We are working hard to provide you the answers of all the questions you may want to ask. You will find a complete guide and video tutorials of  answers very soon.

Thanks for your patience.