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Welcome to our website is one of the best music production companies in the world.

We make high-quality karaoke tracks of Bollywood, Pakistani, and other regional language songs. All of our karaoke tracks come in both Mp3 and Mp4 formats with synchronized lyrics. We specialize in making customized karaoke tracks of your choice. Our studio musicians use Cubase and Logic Pro X to sequence music tracks to ensure your music track is as crisp and professional as can be. Project files of a music sequence can also be provided on request.


We create Tabla / Dholak/ Dhol style files for Yamaha and Korg keyboards using Indian Kit and sounds as well as MIDI songs so you can sing your favorite songs along with the real beats and instrument tones. We accept customized orders as well.


We can compose lyrics, produce musical arrangements and sequence a quality music track for your album or song. We can even tune up your recorded vocals, mix and master.

But Most importantly make an industry standard song for you. Which you can release commercially worldwide.


Using our app, you will be able to listen to the short samples of each product to ensure we produce highest music quality.


We accept payments through PayPal and all major cards.


All of our products are delivered digitally via a download link in the email/ your Account Downloads section on the website. You will get an instant download link immediately after you make the payment and you will be downloading the product right into your device. Downloading Video Karaoke tracks into your mobile phone using our mobile app is certainly a more attractive and important feature when you are performing as a singer on a venue and immediately need karaoke track of a song which we have got in our mobile app, a Video Karaoke with scrolling lyrics with highlighted words on the screen and you don't need to worry about memorizing the lyrics or repetition of lines while you sing.


We are a team of professional musicians having decades of experience in producing commercial music. We are based in the United Kingdom but we do operate from remote locations like India, Pakistan, and USA.


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