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We recreate the music of Pakistani songs producing karaoke tracks for singers all around the world for entertainment purposes. Our team of musicians is highly skilled and have got years of industry-level experience in music production. We use Cubase and Logic Pro X DAWs to sequence our customized karaoke tracks. We have sequenced thousands of Pakistani Karaoke tracks so far which are available on the website to purchase and download instantly. All of our karaoke tracks come with scrolling lyrics perfectly synchronized with the music. You can order karaoke tracks of any language/ genre song (customized karaoke prices may apply).

We have made millions of karaoke tracks in Hindi, Bollywood, Pakistani, Bangla, Punjabi, and other languages songs.
Here is a list of all Hindi/ Bollywood songs singer-wise, you can select and download the karaoke songs you like. We accept payment through PayPal, 2Checkout, Debit/ Credit cards, and Payoneer.
You will get an instant download link for the tracks you purchase.

We specialize in making custom karaoke songs of any song from any language. We produce similar music as in the song and much better quality than it is in the song. All of our karaoke tracks come with synchronized scrolling lyrics. We also produce cover songs with different music but the same composition as in the song and you won't get any copyright notice when you upload it to YouTube.

How to order:

  • You can send a YouTube link to the song as a reference you want us to make custom karaoke.
  • Our musicians make exactly similar music and a lot better quality karaoke tracks for you.
  • We will also synchronize the lyrics for you highlighting every single word at the exact time stamps.
  • We normally take 1-2 days to complete one custom order.
  • You can also aks to make the track on a lower or higher scale or any slower or faster tempo which best suits your vocals.
Any Questions?

  • If you want to discuss any details, you can contact us on our Whatsapp number +44 7426 059328 or via email

PLEASE NOTE: If you buy Mp3 + VIDEO Karaoke, the mp3 link will be delivered to you instantly but some of the Video karaoke if missing sometimes, we  will deliver those within few hours only.

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