Tabla Dholak Loops for music production studios

We specialize in crafting music loops tailored for studios aiming to produce songs, especially for vocalists focusing on Bollywood, Pakistani, or Punjabi genres. These loops are meticulously created by sampling live instruments in our studio, recording sessions, and then editing each loop to a specific tempo and pitch. The flexibility of these loops allows adjustments to suit your preferences using any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

These loops are in high quality, uncompressed WAV format, sample rate 48.000 kHz, Bit Depth 24 Bit.

Our loop offerings include a mixed format, where we enhance the track by incorporating Tabla, Dholak, Duff, percussion, and drums sections. The mixed sound is then mastered, providing a ready-to-use element for your musical arrangements. Additionally, we offer an unmixed bundle containing the individual loops used in the mixed versions. This gives you the freedom to customize and mix the loops from scratch, aligning them with your specific production requirements and taste.

Upon purchasing any of our loop products from our website, you'll receive an instant download link for both the mixed and unmixed versions. This ensures quick access and convenience for integrating our loops seamlessly into your musical projects.

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