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Punjabi Custom Karaoke Songs, we are a great source for Punjabi Karaoke songs for Live Performances

Music has the magic to empower hearts, unite people, and create unforgettable venues. For singers who want to sparkle on stage during parties, get-togethers, and music concerts, having the perfect accompaniment is important. This is where Melody Tracks comes in. As a premier provider of Punjabi language karaoke from old-era songs to new bhangra and modern beat tracks.

Punjabi bhangra music flavor has gained immense popularity worldwide, with its infectious, dancing, and bhangra beats, and soulful melodies. Singers from Pakistani Punjab and from Indian Punjab both are equally on the lookout for authentic Punjabi karaoke tracks to showcase their talent and entertain the audience whether they are professional or amateur. At, you can find a huge collection of top-notch Panjabi karaoke options that cater to the unique needs of performers in the Punjabi music industry.

Our professional and experienced musicians produced thousands of Punjabi karaoke songs to suit various cultural and modern performance needs and almost all types of Punjabi bhangra categories. Whether you're a singer specializing in Bhangra, Punjabi Pop, Folk, or any other sub-genre, we have the right karaoke track for you. Our team of experienced musicians and producers ensures that each track is crafted with precision, maintaining the original essence of the song while providing an exceptional performance experience.

There are basically two main types of Punjabi Karaoke songs. The first one is the very melodious songs with compositions in many different classical, semi-classical, or some straight scales, These types of Punjabi songs are more like Urdu or Hindi compositions and are sung by many famous singers, some popular legends from Pakistan are Noor Jahan, Mehdi Hassan, Masood Rana, Tufail Niazi, Attaullah Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and many others and few names from India are Gurdas Maan, Kuldeep Manak, Hans Raj Hans, Jaspinder Narula, and many others.

The second type of Punjabi songs is purely Bhangra Dance and songs with Western beats that also include the flavor of Hip-Hop and other modern-era genre songs.

One of the key advantages of using for your Punjabi karaoke needs is the flexibility we offer. Our karaoke tracks can be customized to meet your specific requirements from adjusting the pitch and tempo to incorporating personalized musical arrangements. We have a lot of karaoke editing options available on the website that offers to add Chorus vocals in a karaoke song, add an instrument guide for new singers, add or remove one Antra, or repeat lines you want.

When it comes to live performances, the quality of our Punjabi Custom karaoke track can make or break the overall experience. At, we prioritize excellence in sound production, our karaoke tracks are of better quality than the original song, however, the music we create is similar to the original song to keep the feel of the original song listener may like to listen to unless our customers ask us to provide a little different music than the original song to save their performances from having any copyright infringements when they upload their videos to YouTube or to any other streaming platform. Each backing track is professionally mixed and mastered to deliver optimal audio quality to meet PA system sounds as well as for uploading onto a social media platform. Our tracks are created using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, ensuring crystal-clear sound reproduction and enhancing your stage presence.

Additionally, our Punjabi karaoke tracks are available in multiple formats, like mp4 with scrolling lyrics where you see each word/ character highlighted according to the music, we synchronize the audio with lyrics so perfectly that a singer can sing with our Punjabi karaoke songs very easily without missing any beat at all. We also provide sing-along tracks in Mp3 formats so singers who want to record their vocals with our karaoke songs in a studio, can just drag and drop mp3 files in a DAW the studio is using. We provide uncompressed WAV files of our Punjabi Bhangra songs on request, especially for artists who want to shoot videos of their songs and want a lossless quality on video render.

At, we take pride in our customer-centric approach. We understand the challenges faced by singers and performers in sourcing reliable and high-quality Punjabi karaoke tracks. That's why we strive to provide exceptional customer service, assisting you in finding the perfect track for your performance needs. Our user-friendly website online live chat, support on WhatsApp, and email service, all make it easy to get you on the right performance track for your needs. You can browse and select from our extensive catalog, and our prompt delivery ensures that you have your chosen track when you need it, all of our karaoke tracks are available on the website with live samples you can play to test the quality before you make any payment. All Punjabi Songs are listed category-wise by singer just to provide you a more easy way to find the Punjabi karaoke song you are exactly looking for.

Our catalog of Punjabi Custom Karaoke Tracks available on the website covers songs of singers, Gurda Maan, Guru Randhawa, Jassie Gill, Sidhu Moose Wala, Diljit Dosanjh, Ammy Virk, Babbu Maan, Amrinder Gill, Daler Mehndi, Gippy Grewal, Harbhajan Maan, Hans Raj Hans, Jazzy B, Lakhwinder Wadali, malki Singh, Satinder Sartaaj,  and many others from Indian Punjab.

We also have thousands of Punjabi karaoke tracks of singes from Pakistan, singers like Abrar-ul-Haq, Arif Lohar, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Mala, Mehnaz, Noor Jahan, Mehdi Hassan, Shaukat Ali, Sajjad Ali, Tufail Niazi and many others from the old era and Newage singers.

So, whether you're preparing for a grand music concert, a lively party, or an intimate get-together, is your go-to destination for Punjabi karaoke tracks. Let your talent shine with our exceptional collection of tracks, designed to elevate your live performances and create magical moments for you and your audience. Visit today and discover the perfect Punjabi karaoke track that will take your performance to new heights.

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