Karaoke Styles *NEW*

A Yamaha Style File is a type of file used in Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos to provide pre-programmed accompaniment patterns for various musical genres. These files contain a set of instructions that determine the musical elements of a particular style, such as the tempo, rhythm, chord progression, and instrumentation.
Users can load Yamaha Style Files into their instrument to access a wide range of accompaniment patterns that can be used to enhance their playing or to provide a backing track for performances. These files can be created using specialized software, and there are also many websites and online communities where users can download and share their own custom-made style files.
Yamaha Style Files are typically saved with the file extension ".sty" and can be loaded into a compatible instrument via a USB or MIDI connection. They are often used by musicians who want to quickly and easily create a professional-sounding accompaniment for their performances or recordings.
A new category of Yamaha Style files is introduces by is the Rhthm patterns along with song music pieces stored in Intro Buttons which will play according to the main scale chord you select, and this is called Yamaha Karaoke Styles on their website. here is a link below to explore.

These Style files are suitable for the Yamaha keyboard models with most models of the S series like SX900, SX600, S975, S775, S970, S770, S950, S750, S910, S710, S650, A2000, and A3000.
If you find a style file is not compatible with your model, you may ask us to convert that for your Yamaha keyboard model.

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