Get 5 VIDEO Karaoke for FREE

Dear Value Client,

Do you want 5 VIDEO Karaoke for FREE?

Here is a great deal;

Add $50 into your Wallet under your account on the website, and get any 5 Video Karaoke for Free available on the website. Your $50 credit will stay in your Wallet until you utilize that to buy more karaoke later on.

How to add Credit to your Wallet?

·         Login to your account on the website as you usually do

·         Click “My Account” which you see at the top of the page, now here, you will see your Wallet, click the Wallet icon.

·         Type the amount you want to deposit into your Wallet Account, $50

·         Click the “Deposit” button

·         Follow the payment procedure as you usually do

·         After you have made the payment, your Wallet will show a balance of $50

How to get 5 Video karaoke for Free?

·         Search and add to the cart, any 5 video karaoke you want

·         Send us the screenshot of your cart or send us the karaoke page links via email to

·         You will find the download links under your Account Downloads

How do I utilize my Wallet Credit later on?

·         Your $50 will stay in your Wallet until you utilize that to purchase karaoke tracks, you can utilize this amount any time later on using the normal buying procedure. You will have an option during Checkout “Use Wallet Credit”

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